My “Estonian pearls”

Here you can find an overview of one hiker’s year. As the saying goes: “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Ülle Sink shared this gallery on her Facebook page: 

My “Estonian pearls”
A year ago I stumbled upon the hiking club HikingEstonia, my first hike was to
Paldiski and the Pakri lighthouse and after that my collection of hiking “pearls” just kept growing…
All thanks to the wonderful hiking guides Andrus, Heiki and Kersti.

[ux_gallery ids=”1441,1440,1439,1438,1437,1436,1435,1434,1433,1432,1431,1430,1429,1428,1427,1426,1425,1424,1423,1422,1421,1420,1419,1418,1417,1416,1415,1414,1413,1412,1411,1410,1409,1408,1407,1406,1405,1404,1403,1402,1401,1400,1399,1398,1397,1396,1395,1394,1393,1392,1391,1390,1389,1388,1387,1386,1385,1384,1383,1382,1381,1380,1379,1378,1377″ col_spacing=”small” columns=”7″]


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