Children’s hike around Lake Harku

The kick-off of this year’s children’s hike was great! We made short stops on our way, while Mikk told the children about the lake.  After this, the children had to find signs with the HikingEstonia logo on them and answer the question on the reverse. The attentive children were able to give right answers and received a small surprise as a prize.

We had a nice picnic at Harkujärve Basic School. After refreshments, we looked up an adventure course and the children bravely completed it. At the same time, Mikk taught the children to tie the bowline rescue knot, also known as the death knot.

There was also a small hill on the track, all sides of which were tested for sliding down. This fun would have lasted longer, but the general goal was still hiking. At the end of the trip, the children had to look for a car with the HikingEstonia logo where they found the hike’s surprise.

We handed the wet, yet happy children over to their parents. Hope to see you soon at Nelijärv on 14 February!

Marika and Mikk


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