HikingEstonia summer gathering on Abruka Island August 2020

The Island of Abruka – this amazing place over the sea where the 2020 summer gathering of HikingEstonia was held. We were hosted by the Vahtra tourist farm and its well-spoken island guard Rein and the hostess Krista.

So what did we do and see there?

We did hike, of course: through forests and along village roads, waded through the water to Vahase Island, climbed on the boulders of Vahase, swam next to Linnusita (Birdshit) Island and also got a fair amount of rain. So we hiked all the way around Abruka Island, a total of 33 km.

The nature of Abruka – high ferns, large Burgundy snails, rich vegetation, virtually made for the Magic Forest.

The evenings were full of activities: cooking for the large hiking family, taking a quiz, training, Scottish dance, sauna, etc.

Come to the island you, come to the island you either swim or ride or row!
Abruka Waltz

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