House rules

HikingEstonia is not a club with redundant rules; however, in order to better organise a nice day of hiking, we have written down some general guidelines that we ask everyone to follow. Please take a few minutes to read them.
  1. Arrive 15 minutes before the hike or activity (to check in and get the relevant information).
  2. All hikes and activities start on time.
  3. If you have registered for a hike, but are unable to attend, please send us a message via our FB page or to (+372) 56482161 so that we know not to wait for you. You do not have to give a reason (this is not a school), but we hope you won’t cancel the hike just because you received a more exciting proposal for spending the day or want to sleep a little longer.
  4. Drinking alcohol and smoking are not allowed during the hikes.
  5. Headphones are not allowed during the hikes.
  6.  Mobile phones must be on silent or off during the hike. You can of course use your phone in emergencies and for taking pictures.
  7. The guide determines the pace of the hike and you must follow their instructions to ensure the safety of the whole group. Try not to pass the guide (we know it’s difficult), as you may unintentionally increase the pace of the whole group or go in the wrong direction.
  8. Hikes take place in a group. For safety reasons, leaving the group before the end of the hike is not allowed. Also, we would miss you.
  9. If you decide to leave the hike due to exceptional circumstances, please be sure to let the guide know. When you leave the group, you are responsible for your navigation.
  10. Proper hiking or sports shoes/boots are required for hiking. There are no exceptions to this rule. Walking equipment is recommended.
  11. Hiking, walking, climbing or mountain climbing can be dangerous, and by participating in the activities you are acknowledging that you are fully aware of the risks to your life and safety. Each person is responsible for their own safety during the hike.
  12. You must be over 12 years old to participate in the club’s regular hikes. Children under 12 are, however, welcome for our shorter hikes (children’s hikes).
  13. You are responsible for ensuring that your state of health is good enough to participate in the club’s hikes or events. Your GP will advise you if you are unsure.
  14. Well-trained and friendly dogs are welcome to join our hikes. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the dog does not disturb other hikers and is kept on a leash if necessary.
  15. If you are new to hiking, please let the guide know at the meeting point that you are present and who you are.
  16. Tell the guide if you might need help during the hike due to your health condition. If the guide is unable to help you, you won’t be able to take part in the hike. Please talk this through before starting the hike.
  17. All rubbish must be taken with you. We follow local laws and principles that prohibit leaving rubbish behind, which this is the only correct way of doing things.
There are no more rules. Enjoy the hike and make new friends, but don’t get too intrusive. In general, we try to approach our rules pragmatically and lightly, but please note that we take security very seriously and expect the same from you.