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The hiking club HikingEstonia grew out of the active lifestyle of the hiking guides and their desire to set a good example for others to spend more time in the fresh air and natural environment. Our goal is to offer healthy exercise in nature in the form of weekly hikes. Hiking is not just a sport, it is a form of active holiday, a lifestyle in itself.

Andrus Aus

Andrus is a founding member and the engine of MTÜ HikingEstonia. He has been interested in nature and hiking ever since he was a kid. He started hiking more seriously in 2005. To date, he as travelled to and hiked in more than 50 countries all over the world. He considers conquering some of the world’s highest mountains, including Mount Elbrus, Kilimanjaro, Damavand and many others, to be his greatest hiking achievements.

Andrus organises hikes of different styles, including adventure hikes with kayaks and bicycles. Dealing with environmental topics and organising community activity hikes is also close to his heart. Andrus has organised the World Cleanup Day in Ibiza in 2018 and several community activities days and hikes in Estonia.

He has completed a variety of training sessions for hikers and hiking guides as well as first aid training. He is fluent in Estonian, Russian, English and Finnish and he can also speak some Spanish.

Email: info@hikingestonia.com
Phone: +372 56482161

Stanislav Lomunov

Stanislav Lomunov is an experienced guide in Tallinn, as well as elsewhere in Estonia, the Baltics, Russia, Finland and Ukraine.

Stanislav has a very good sense of humor, genes of an actor and extensive knowledge of both history and modern life. Stanislav is a real people person and a highly regarded guide with enormous experience.

He graduated from the Tallinn University of Technology with a degree in thermal engineering, but has been more involved in guiding excursions and city tours. He likes playing tennis, dreaming big and is a man of action. He is also an active member of the Lasnamäe community and a father of 4 children.

Stanislav is fluent in Russian, Estonian, English and German.

Email: stanislav@hikingestonia.com
Phone: +372 558 7014

Marika Vakepea

Tour guide

I was born in the Hiiumaa and grew up in the Saaremaa island, so I spent most of my childhood in nature. I started hiking with HikingEstonia: I really enjoy discovering new and exciting places in a pleasant company. In my free time, I also do folk dancing and baking.

I have worked with children for over 10 years: as a teacher’s assistant in the Päikene kindergarten, as a teacher at the Tallinn Helen School and for the last few years as a physical education teacher at the Hilarius School.

I have received education in the field of social work, completed first aid training and courses in pre-school pedagogy and special pedagogy, and own a babysitter’s certificate.

E-mail: marika@hikingestonia.com
Phone:+372 56678789

Ülle Sink

Hiker of the Year 2019 and 2020 / Tour guide assistant

I am daily involved in the production of blankets and pillows at the Haljala factory and also give massages.

I began taking hiking really serious after joining HikingEstonia, which has now become a way of life for me: a cool group of friends and so many new hiking companions! Over and over again, I want to go into the wild with them.

I consider the courage to go hiking beyond Estonia the greatest achievement of a hiker (e.g. Norway, South Africa, Finland).

Sander Sõnajalg

Tour guide

I am currently working as an instructor in a call cetre.

I was born and grew up in the countryside, and I have had an attraction to nature throughout my whole life.

I discovered HikingEstonia in 2019 and from that moment on I meet these great people at least once a month.

Hiking with a group is interesting because you meet different people outside your circle of acquaintances. This type of hiking is certainly has a disciplining effect, because when hiking in the woods alone, one would, perhaps, not set out for that long trips; you can also discover new cool places to revisit later.

In 2021 My family received a small addition so I am getting used to the new lifelong career aswell right now.

But most importantly: exercise is healthy!

Get out into the nature!

E-mail: sander@hikingestonia.com
Phone: +372 56789240

Mikk Vakepea

Tour guide assistant / Best Young Hiker of HikingEstonia 2019/2020/2021

Mikk is a student in Pelgulinna Gymnasium. In April 2019, he joined the ranks of HikingEstonia, and since then hiking has always had a special place in his heart. The biggest challenges for him are multi-day hikes.

Mikk is a member of the Young Eagles paramilitary youth organization where he has been an active in the Gustis’ platoon of the Harju regional unit for over a year.

Piret Krutob

Purchasing manager of Decathlon goods

I have always enjoyed nature by walking, running and cycling. In the last few years, I have discovered hiking,  however, being not an expert in it yet.

For a long time, I have lived near the Mustamäe-Nõmme forest parks, thus the Harku forest trails and the surroundings of the Mustamäe jumping tower are familiar to me since childhood. I currently live in the village of Vanamõisa.

I’ve been engaged in swimming and have become a world champion and world cup winner in underwater orienteering.

I currently work in the field of energy and automation: a manufacturing company where I originally supplied materials for production lines of actuators and renewable energy equipment, now I run a department that offers warranty order processing services around the world. Over the years, I have supplied the commercial sector with computer equipment, as well as with fruits and vegetables.

Email: kaup@hikingestonia.com
Phone: +372 53453513


Looking to hike with us?

Anyone aged 12 and over is welcome on our hikes. Dogs who are used to long walks are also welcome. You can join our hikes even if you have never hiked before. For beginners, we recommend hikes that are 7–10 kilometres long.