In Rummu at minus degrees

The weather was crisp this morning. The thermometer showed -17 degrees, but I didn’t allow this to discourage me. If I plan to go hiking, I will. I discovered I don’t have clothes that are completely suitable for this hike. Well, I did have thermal underwear and had borrowed ski pants from my aunt for the party on Prangli. I also know the importance of dressing in layers and my Ecco boots had already proven themselves with the last cold weather when I put them on bare feet in -23-degree weather to take Ida to the kindergarten. So I couldn’t excuse myself due to clothing either.

The hike was great. The weather was crisp and cold, but sunny. The first part of the hike – four kilometres – was very easy, rather like a walk in beautiful nature, while the second part of the hike meant trudging through the snow in the woods, which completely exhausted me. I felt pleasantly tired, but not too much, when I got back to the parking lot. 7.5 kilometres is a perfectly nice distance for a Sunday hike. Judging by the pace of the first half, I thought I could have taken Ida with me, but the second half would have been too much for her. I think. I will definitely take her with me in the future.  Anyway, I’ve found a new hobby for myself. I’m not a very athletic person, but all kinds of hiking and walking in good company where you can have fun (I won’t play along, unless there’s fun involved!) is exactly what I like. I went alone today and was a little afraid that maybe everyone else would already be familiar with each other or come with their own company and it would be hard for me to fit in. There was no need to fear that. I can’t wait for the next time. Either alone or with two or three people. Such a fun way to spend a Sunday!

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