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Have you ever thought of wanting to spend more time in the fresh air? To be actively moved and may also be tested to some extent, but have not yet found this activity that would call and a real sports man’s soul can also be inside not. In this case, hiking is precisely for you. Come join our great hiking team and you will get quite clear that hiking is not just a sport, not even just a form of recreation, but a way of life. The warning must immediately be said that hiking is addictive. You do it once, and you feel that you’re not going to be able to hike. 

What about the physical form? 

Doesn’t it have to be very physically fit for hiking to conquer all these mountaintops? With our hikes, you can safely join even if you have not hiked before. For beginners, We recommend taking part in the walks that are 7-10km long. The mountaintops are also nice to conquer, but HikingEstonia is not another hiking club that offers hiked only to high mountains elsewhere in the world. We all know the proverb – before you go to Paris, get out of the Nuustaku – that’s why we are mainly walking in Tallinn-Harju County, during the summer period also all over Estonia. 

Estonian nature is unparalleled and offers so many opportunities for hiking in all seasons. No need to be afraid that it will be boring or something is not to look at. For such a small territory, the diversity of Estonian landscapes is even unique in Europe. Besides, our hikers will make sure that every time we can learn something new and interesting about the place. 

What is important when going on a hike? 

The most important thing for hiking is attitude. Dress according to the weather! One other well-known proverb says there’s no bad weather, it’s just the wrong outfit. That’s right. Windproof, layered clothing, winter hat, and gloves, in addition, it would be good to have shoes with a strong tall pattern and the hike can begin. On our hiking trails, we offer snacks, sweets and tea. Your snacks, sandwich and warm drink will come in favor of the breaks. Be sure to bring in a good mood too. Do not be afraid if you are the first time you have a match with the hiking group and come alone, we will accept you with open arms, and already after the first hike, You’il find new friends with whom you can resist new adventures. Quite soon you will discover that HikingEstonia is a nice circle of friends who wants to be an example so that people spend more time in the wild. 

Our goal is to be stable in providing a healthy and nature-close movement in the form of weekly organized hikes. Beautiful places, nice experiences and good company are guaranteed. HikingEstonia Club members are automatically all who has marked “Like” in our FB page. No obligations, no membership fees! 

Anyone aged 12 and over is welcome on our hikes. Dogs who are used to long walks are also welcome. You can join our hikes even if you have never hiked before. For beginners, we recommend hikes that are 7–10 kilometres long.

All the hikers are welcome, but to keep the up the speed, we have set the minimum age of 12 years. All young hiked enthusiasts are welcome to participate in our children hikes. Well-behaving dogs are welcome to join our hiking team. Read more about the House rules 

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